Creative Places to Host Celebration Gatherings

23 08 2012

Recently I had the privilege of participating in two celebration of life gatherings that showed some great creativity; one was the World Trade Center on the waterfront in Seattle, and the other was at the Everett Golf and Country Club in Everett, just north of Seattle.

The choices of these venues reflected the interests of the families, and where they had previously hosted events of various kinds.  The WTC was a place where a birthday party had been celebrated years before, and the Country Club was where a loved one used to play golf.

While there are some distinct advantages of hosting memorials at a funeral home or chapel, considering planning a celebration event at a venue known to the families and friends offers much more variety and options.  The choice is totally up to you and your family; there is no “requirement” that you must hold the service in the funeral home.  I suggest you choose a place that is most meaningful to your loved one and family.  It may be places like the ones shown here, or it may be a restaurant, community center, grange hall, or even a back yard.  There are certainly no rules; just that you are honoring your loved one in a place that would be very meaningful to them and their friends.  Who knows?  Maybe the corner coffee shop will be just the right place!ImageImage



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